Redesign of the Young Advisory Group identity from logo to website.

September 2014 - May 2015

The Young Advisory Group (YAG) is a student organisation that provides consultancy services in a wide range of sectors to small and medium sized companies. After their inception in 2011, the YAG has sprouted to three locations in Groningen, Amsterdam and Rotterdam-Delft. Readying themselves for future growth, the organisation looked for a redesign of theĀ brand and all touchpoints associated with it.

The redesign of the Young Advisory Brand was a huge task that I took on with Yuri Knopper. During our first meeting we determined the scope of the assignment, of which the deliverables would include: Logo, color palette, fonts, icons, business cards, letterheads, notepads, posters, flyers, pens, flags, Christmas cards, Powerpoint slides, digital newsletter and the design and development of a new website.



The organisation indicated they wanted to modernise their look, with respect to the classic owl mark they used in their previous logo. To realise this we used a firm font in the logo and modernised the owl to a simple geometric figure that can be used universally and is instantly recognisable.yag-old-new-2


The logo was complemented with a modern and fresh shade of green and some gray tones for the typography.



Two fonts were selected that complemented the brand identity of the YAG: a sans-serif font called Montserrat for titles and headings and a serif font called Neuton for text and other content.

yag-sans-type-3 yag-serif-type-2


As the YAG operates in multiple cities we designed a some icons for the different establishments.yag-locations-2



Over the course of a consultancy project, the Young Advisory Group analyses the problem and develops a strategy to solve this problem. The strategy is presented to the client on Powerpoint slides, which are essentially the product that the YAG delivers. Together with the YAG we redesigned some of their most important slides, combining them into a new template.



Over the years, the YAG has built a substantial list of followers whom are served an occasional email to keep up with the latest news. This newsletter typically covers a new project, a new blog post and the alumnus of the month. The newsletter has been redesigned to fit the new branding. To ensure compatibility across al e-mail clients, the fonts have been standardised and are therefore different than the defaultĀ fonts.yag-newsletter-design-2


To complement the online presence of the YAG, we were tasked with the challenge to design and develop a new website. Starting out with rough sketches, we quickly got to the point of wireframing and trying to fit all the necessary pieces togheter in a coherent and visually appealing design.


From left to right: development of the homepage design.

From left to right: development of the homepage design.

After some tweaking and optimising, the development of one of the most challenging websites I’ve ever designed started. The website was built on WordPress and allows for the company to add new locations, new consultants, new blog posts and update every other piece of information on the website. As the organisation is continually changing with consultants leaving and new consultants being trained, it was a design goal to make it as easy as possible to update the website. The website was delivered with a complete manual that covers how consultants can manage the backend.

The website is now online and can be visited here.