Schiphol Nest

A better pickup experience for Europe's Preferred Airport.

April 2013

For the elective Cross Media Interaction Design our team designed a new pickup experience for Schiphol Airport. Due to all sorts of delays, the time an airplane is supposed to land is by far not the time your loved ones are stepping through the doors at the gate. The waiting on your side of the door is tedious and the information the airport provides you lacks a lot of detail. Schiphol Nest is a comfortable waiting area where you can design a personal welcome and puts the reunion at the center of the pickup experience.

The current experience

Our team—The Interaction Men—started by analyzing the current pickup experience. We noticed that both parties go through quite the wait before passenger and pick-up are reunited. How can we make the experience more pleasant for both parties? As we can’t just change the secure process behind the gate, we decided to focus on improving the information for the pick-up and receiving the passenger in a more pleasant and home-like environment.schiphol-current

Introducing Schiphol Nest

Schiphol Nest is an interplay of hardware and software that makes picking up your friends, relatives or loved ones from a flight a better experience. Schiphol Nest covers three touchpoints: A physical seating area at Schiphol, the Schiphol Nest website and the Schiphol Nest mobile application. A passenger can book a Nest and invite friends to pick him up when he returns from his trip. His friends can accept the invitation, or leave a video message if they can’t make it.

The pick-ups can start designing the Schiphol Nest to create a personal pickup experience. They can shoot a photo from their living room or a familiar area to the passenger and use it as the wallpaper. They can check the personal video messages and load up a welcoming song. When the passenger gets through the doors, the music starts playing softly and the countdown to the reunion begins.

Check out this video we made to experience Schiphol Nest.